Phil Gelfer


During my time as a public school educator, I have worked with all types of students at many different levels.   No matter what their needs were, they were all cared for with professional help, understanding, and compassion.  Bob Murphy of Murphy’s violin shop is one of the most caring and dedicated professionals I have ever worked with.  Everyone is treated to red carpet service when entering his shop, whether it’s adjusting and instrument, graduating a fingerboard or selecting  that very first  instrument, Bob certainly knows…

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Kelly Gelfer


Bob’s frequent philanthropic actions to schools and kids in need are not widely publicized, but many teachers can attest first hand to the many random acts of kindness from Bob Murphy.  Looking for a new instrument, an upgrade, repairs?  Take the time and spend some time Bob Murphy.

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Sam Gelfer


Bob Murphy’s Violin Shop is always the first place I recommend to my students for any of their musical needs whether it is purchasing a new instrument, getting one repaired or just seeking out information.  Murphy’s is the perfect example of what we want most out of a place of business in America.  Locally owned, high-quality products and service and a friendly welcoming environment.

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Matthew Gelfer


Quality Instruments and Affordable prices very seldom go together, but that is precisely what Bob Murphy’s Violin Shop offers.  Whether you are renting an instrument for the first time, buying your own or upgrading to a professional level, you are guaranteed the care and expertise that can only come from decades of experience.

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