Our Story

Bob Murphy’s Violin Shop was founded in 1982 by Bob Murphy and has been part of the Melville community since its inception. While operating one of the biggest guitar repair shops in New York State, he found a love for the repair of orchestral instruments.

Bob started his musical career in 1972 when he began working at Sam Ash in Hempstead. Bob’s father was a brilliant craftsman, and Bob had always had a deep interest and passion for woodworking, and crafting things with his hands. During his time at Sam Ash, he found that he was able to unite this love of wood craftsmanship with his passion for music when the musical super store received a shipment of over 100 guitars with broken necks. Bob asked the CEO of Sam Ash Music Stores, Jerry Ash, if he could try to fix the damaged instruments, and, along with his father, was able to repair them all. After completing such a massive undertaking, Bob then decided to become a luthier (which Jerry Ash generously helped him train to become), and in 1977, Jerry Ash promoted Bob to the head of stringed instrument repairs at the Sam Ash Store in Huntington.

In 1982, Bob decided to open his own shop, renting a small space in the basement of Favilla Music and proceeded to become one of the most in demand guitar repairman on Long Island.

In 1986, Bob purchased Favilla Music and founded the legendary Murphy’s Music, which has been and continues to be a mainstay in the Long Island Music Industry.

In 2001, Murphy’s Music expanded to a larger location which came full circle back to the building where Sam Ash was formerly located.

In 2007, Bob decided to dedicate his time and mastery skills solely to his Violin Shop full time. His longtime friend, Jeff Frohman (formerly Manager of Murphy’s Music), took over the rest of the store and the two still work together today to make Murphy’s Music/Bob Murphy’s Violin Shop the legendary Long Island Music Store it is today.


Bob has worked on many famous instruments including:

Stradivarius Cello

Francois Lupot Violin